Over the course of the past few weeks, Ace Hood has been gearing up for his triumphant return back into the rap game. While he was relatively quiet for some time, he announced his project Trust The Process earlier this month which dropped today. His return to music would be one of a clean slate. While he was previously signed to We The Best Music and had close associations with DJ Khaled and surrounding artists, he took a step back. Now with Trust The Process out, he went up to the Breakfast Club to have an open discussion about everything he's been up to since leaving We The Best.

Off top, Charlamagne tha God had to ask him about a tweet Ace Hood put out pertaining to DJ Khaled saying "If only everything you said on the Breakfast Club was the truth." and ultimately, what happened between them.

Ace Hood simply responded saying a conversation happened between the two before he elaborated on the fact that he was looking to do more with his career and his artistry.

"I kind of wanted to do my own thing, I kind of wanted to part ways. You know, create and be this free artist. That was my main focus, you know. and he supported it" Ace Hood told the radio show. He continued to say, "I had a larger vision for myself that I wanted to do. So for me, I had to be able to live out my purpose fully. And i just couldn't do that necessarily under the umbrella."

On top of talking about his departure from We The Best, he also talked about his new lifestyle decisions. In his duration of being quiet, he also revealed the fact that he's taken some lifestyle changes that differ from the "rapper lifestyle" he once led. He discussed how he now does yoga with his girl and how the decision to do that helped their relationship flourish. 

It's definitely been a lot of change for him over the course of the years and it all seems to be for the better.

Check out his full interview below: