Both Azealia Banks and Action Bronson are known to be rather candid and outspoken when it comes to Twitter, and they just so happened to butt heads today. Following Banks' HOT 97 interview, where she spoke her mind about white appropriation of black culture, it seems that a fan of hers brought Bronson's name into the conversation. 

Action seemingly caught this so called "slander" in his mentions and assumed that Banks had dropped his name, @-ing Azealia and calling her out. Of course, the Harlem rapper responded in a quick and shady manner, going straight for the throat with a quip about Bronson's vocal similarity to Ghostface. 

From there, things got a little crazy, with the two arguing over headlining slots, Banks offering to meet in person, and a lot of talk about Bronsolino's penis. 

Check out the back and forth below.