Last summer, Action Bronsonfirst announced he'd be skipping installments 3 through 6 in the Blue Chips series and going straight to Blue Chips 7. While it was an exciting and very Bronson-like move, we haven't heard about the potential third collab project with Party Supplies in some time. Thankfully, Bronsolino has now given us an update on the tape's status. 

"Fuck it, NEXT PROJECT IS BLUE CHIPS 7," he wrote on Twitter, suggesting he's shifting his focus from his successful cooking show, Fuck, That's Delicious, to music once again. "I've been busy making quality television. Time to let the beast back out. ."

Before he signed out, he made sure to promise big things from the conclusion of the Blue Chips trilogy. "WHEN YOU HEAR BLUE CHIPS 7 YOU WILL CRASH WHATEVER VEHICLE YOU ARE DRIVING INTO THE WINDOW OF BOSTON MARKET."