We caught up with Action Bronson the other day for an interview about his upcoming album Mr. Wonderful, and while discussing the forthcoming LP he happened to let slip that his fan-favorite Munchies YouTube series "Fuck That's Delicious" will be coming to a cable TV near you.

When asked if a second season had been filmed, Bronson revealed, "Second season, it's already locked in. We're gunna be...we're gunna be on cable. We're gunna be on a network this coming season. There'll still be things on the internet but you can watch me on TV now."

He went on to reveal that that's not the only series he has planned. "I'm in the works of creating my own cartoon. My own series," he said.

During the beginning of the interview, Bronsolino discussed the animated cover art for his debut album, and talked about how it was inspired by "Bloodsport." He also discussed the artist behind the cover art, and working with OVO's 40 on "Actin' Crazy."

"I got word that he was fuckin' with me, and wanted to work with me and I guess he got the executive ok," Bronson says of working with producer 40. "And we worked, he's fuckin' cool ass dude. We just vibed. He had that joint, he played me a bunch of shit but he knew which one I wanted, he knew."

Watch the full interview below, where he also explains what the deal is with "Thug Love Story 2017." Mr. Wonderful drops on March 24th.