When you bumrush Action Bronson during a live performance, things never seem to end well. We've seen the result documented on video footage, and in the end, the person usually ends up being slammed by Bronson, or receiving a time-out of sorts. Despite all the footage currently circulating which shows Bronson body-slamming those who dare to cross his stage, a security guard attempted to do just that in Portland, Oregon.

Obviously this security guard isn't up on hip-hop, because when the New York rapper lights up a joint on stage, he goes to tell Bronson (we presume) that he's not allowed, and even tries to take said joint from Bronson's hand. In doing so, he basically wraps his arm around Bronson's neck which is definitely more aggressive than necessary, and Bronson's response is equally unkind.

Bronson proceeds to show the security guard who's boss by shoving him several times, and he falls to the ground in the end. He definitely seems ready for a fight. Peep the YouTube footage of the confrontation below.

This is one of two recent concert confrontations involving Bronson, at a separate show in Seattle he was also caught on tape throwing a fan off the stage. See that video below as well.