The relationship between James Woods and Twitter has grown contentious. Recently, former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum was found by police in a hotel room with meth and a gay escort who reportedly overdosed on drugs. Since the news first circulated, Gillum has apologized and entered rehab. However, after photos of the aftermath in the hotel room were leaked, Andrew Gillum and his wife have announced that they're separating.

James Woods Twitter
Slaven Vlasic / Stringer / Getty Images

James Woods, along with the rest of the world, has watched the demise of Gillum unfold in real-time. The acclaimed actor shared the controversial leaked photo from the hotel room scene that is said to be of a nude Gillum passed out on the floor. Authorities came forward to say they weren't aware of how the picture made its way to the public, but by that time, Woods was using it as a way to take a jab at the political figure. Twitter didn't take too kindly to Woods's actions, so they banned him.

“So @RealJamesWoods has been locked out of his account again for sharing ‘intimate media’ of a drunk, naked, puking politician,” Woods's girlfriend tweeted. “His response: ‘Twitter is, of course, protecting Andrew Gillum because no one should ever know how vile these Democrat scum truly are.’ #FreeJamesWoods.” Check out a few tweets below.