Although Kanye West's appearance on Saturday Night Live was more talked about than Adam Driver's, the latter was involved in some of the most hilarious sketches of the night. Driver hosted the late-night sketch comedy show this past weekend. The talented actor rose to fame in the last few years off the strength and sheer promotional strength of the Star Wars films (he plays Kylo Ren), and also played a much more down-to-earth role in this Summer's Blackkklansman. 

Fortnite is a mainstay in pop culture at this point, so SNL decided to base a skit around the game. Cast members and real-life Fortnite players Pete Davidson and Kyle Mooney attempted to get in on some gaming action, but they were paired with Driver, who played a middle-aged man. Desperate to find a way to bond with his child, and play better than his son's step-father, Driver hilariously hits the nail on the head with his impersonation of a confused elder. He is more amused with his character dancing than actually fighting, is shocked to learn there are guns in the game, and can't get a hold of the double joy-stick action that controls 360 player movement. Check out the hilarious sketch below.