Despite the injury happening three weeks ago, the image of Zion Williamson breaking through his shoe is still fresh in everyone's mind. Zion was wearing a pair of Nike Paul George 2.5'a and broke the sole while going for a routine play. Williamson ultimately sprained his knee and after three weeks of rehab, will finally play for Duke tonight in the ACC Tournament.

His injury was a bit of a PR disaster for Nike as they had to answer all the questions that come with a signature sneaker breaking on a future NBA star. In the aftermath, brands like Skechers and Puma have thrown shots at the Beaverton brand. Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted is taking a different approach though.

"I had no particular joy or unjoy about that. I looked upon it more in the eyes of, are we actually doing the right thing? Are we, as Adidas, building the right product," Rorsted said in an interview CNBC. When Rorsted was asked if the brand wants to take advantage of the mishap by luring Zion to Adidas, the CEO said: "We will continue to sign great athletes."

In the same interview, Rorsted talked about some of the Yeezy releases that are expected to happen this year.