Adidas has been hard at work creating a new and innovative running sneaker called the Futurecraft and today we have our best look yet at the unprecedented biodegradable product.

The Futurecraft Biofabric shoes are crafted from non-allergenic, vegan material called Biosteel which is sourced from natural carbon and bacteria designed to mimic spider silk.

Per Men's Health:

"AMSilk, the creator of Biosteel, fashioned the material to have impressive tensile strength—strong enough to handle your daily sessions pounding the pavement—while still allowing the fabric to be completely dissolved in a mixture of water and natural enzymes when it’s time to get a new pair. Because the Biofabric kicks require this special concoction to become compost, they can handle rainy days and puddle jumps without disintegrating on your feet."

So how much wear and tear can your Adidas Futurecraft withstand? According to Adidas you can get two years worth of high-impact wear before it's time to decompose them, like so:

"You submerge the kicks in your kitchen sink and add a digestive enzyme—kind of like Emergen-C—to the mix, and soak them for 36 hours. The protein-based yarn will liquefy, and all you’ll need to do is throw away the leftover foam sole."

The kicks also feature the beloved Boost technology beneath the lightweight, breathable mesh upper.

As of now there's no release date for Adidas' Futurecraft Biofabric shoes but reports suggest they'll be hitting retailers in limited fashion sometime this year.