The following video will put you in one of a few moods. You may come out of it wanting a child at this very instant. Another popular reaction is to just gush over the general idea of parenthood and babies. Every once in a while, there's some wholesome content that steals the internet's attention and that's the case today. All the beef and negativity has been brushed aside for a few moments because an adorable conversation between father and son has gone viral worldwide.

In the clip, which was posted a few days ago, a man has a full-on conversation with his little one about a television show they're both watching. "Did you understand it though?" asks the father before his son responds with an emphatic "No!" Eventually, they get to rambling about pretty much nothing, making gestures every now and then. The video ends with the two sides agreeing that they think a lot alike with the dad breaking out into a hearty laugh.

The baby is the clear star of this video but many are praising his father for exhibiting such great parenting skills. He's showing his son how to hold conversations and even though they may be chatting about nothing at all, the kid is learning a skill that is essential to succeed out here. Watch the adorable clip below.