NBA YoungBoy has had one hell of a weekend that's resulted in his arrest due to an outstanding felony warrant. We reported that the rapper was taken into custody for allegedly committing assault, kidnapping and weapons violation. After he was taken in by the police, a video surfaced that showed a 19-year-old rapper - assumed to be YoungBoy - slamming his girlfriend into a wall in a hotel hallway.

Amid the turn of events that took place before the young rapper was set to perform in Florida at The Moon nightclub in Tallahassee, one of his previous collaborators, Adrien Broner, has jumped to his defense. 

"Let @nba_youngboy and his girl live everybody go thru shit and like she said they was just playing!!!!! #GetOffTheyTeam #LetMyNiggaOut," Adrien captioned a picture of YoungBoy and his gyal Jania.

When YoungBoy was first arrested, Adrien also posted a photo of his mugshot pleading to get the rapper freed. Since the news about the "Untouchable" rapper has hit the web, it has resulted in a number of reaction from the Twitterverse.


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