It's another stint in jail for Adrien Broner after a judge held the championship boxer in contempt of court. On Monday (November 2), Broner faced off with a judge over a civil lawsuit filed by a woman who claimed that in 2018, Broner sexually assaulted her in a nightclub. According to, Adrien Broner was ordered to pay the woman $800K, but he reportedly failed to turn over documents to the court. The paperwork was supposed to have detailed why Broner has yet to pay the judgment.

Judge Nancy Margaret Russo wanted to know why Broner told the court in early October that he only had $13 cash to his name when he recently posted a video that showed large bills of cash strewn about. “Mr. Broner has continually defied every [court order] I’ve given,” said Russo. “The jig is up today.”

The judge also asked him where the money he flashes on Instagram comes from, and Broner said he has rich friends who just give him cash. Broner's attorney, Stanley Jackson, began working for the boxer back in September and shared with Russo that his client may be suffering from mental health and alcohol dependency issues. Jackson further claimed that Broner relies heavily on others to take care of him including his mother, manager, and promoter. Broner reportedly doesn't even know if he owns or leases his vehicles and couldn't tell Jackson if his home was in his name. Friends of Broner reportedly transfer money into his bank account because, according to the boxer, he's helped them financially in the past.

Check out a clip of Broner speaking with Judge Russo in the courtroom below before being taken into custody.