Following his brief jail stint after being held in contempt of court, Adrien Broner is back on social media to flash a little cash. Days ago, Broner stood before a frustrated judge who questioned him about an unpaid $800K judgment. The champion boxer was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a nightclub years ago, and after she was awarded her judgment in the case, Broner reportedly failed to pay up. He instead told the court that he was broke, noting that he only has $13 cash to his name. However, according to reports, his legal team didn't turn over the proper paperwork to prove these claims, so when Broner returned to court, the judge wanted to know why he was flashing stacks of large bills on social media.

Broner stated that he has rich friends who often give him money because in the past, he hepled them financially. Broner was arrested and touted off to jail, but he's back on Instagram with more money to show off. "My friends know I ain't got it so one of my rich friends just came back through," the boxer said with a smile as he held up a large stack of cash. He still hasn't shared who any of these "rich friends" might be.

50 Cent also commented on Broner's plight, telling him that it's time for his to get back in the ring. Check out the posts below.