Afroman "Because I Got High (Positive Remix)" Video

Lloyd Jaffe
October 16, 2014 03:30

Afroman remixes his decade-old stoner anthem.

Who would have guessed that Afroman's Grammy-nominated "Because I Got High" would one day be reformatted from a classic stoner single to a political anthem? Reworking the track in support of marijuana legalization, the 'Froman retains the song's light-hearted hook while lacing the hit with substance.

This new version of the track, Afroman claims to prefer, expressing regret for endorsing marijuana's less socially progressive side in his earlier music. "I was a broke kid trying to write a hit that would get me into the music game and get me some money," he says. "The original is good, it's got a whole bunch of views on YouTube, but I wanted to write another song about what marijuana’s doing. [Marijuana] made me feel good, but I came to understand it helps economically, socially, everything."

What do you think? Did Afroman top the original single? Let us know in the comment section.


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SOCIETY Afroman "Because I Got High (Positive Remix)" Video