As he was jogging in his Georgia neighborhood, Ahmaud Arbery was chased down and shot in the street by father-son duo Travis McMichael and Gregory McMichael. They have been arrested and charged with murder, along with William "Roddie" Bryan who followed in another car and filmed the ordeal. Earlier this year, Arbery's story was detailed thoroughly as people protested against what they called a racist slaying. The McMichaels weren't taken into custody for months; only after Arbery's story went viral. Video footage of the moment Arbery was shot and killed circulated online, but on Wednesday (December 16), police bodycam footage of the aftermath surfaced.

In the video, police officers are speaking to Travis McMichael after Arbery was shot dead. It only took police minutes to arrive at the scene considering Gregory Mc Michael is a former officer, and a bloody Travis is seen giving his version of events. He claims that Ahmaud was the person responsible for robbing his house and stealing his guns, so they followed him. When they called for Ahamud to stop, Arbery ran away. When the McMichaels and Bryan caught up with him, Travis told police that Ahmaud hit him several times in the face so he decided to shoot.

When Bryan spoke with police, it's reported that he admitted to following Arbery, blocking him in so that he couldn't leave, and filming the entire incident leading up to his death. In a portion of the video, the McMichaels said "I don't know" as to whether or not they should have followed Arbery.