Today was supposed to be a great day for sneakerheads. For months, the Air Jordan 1 High OG "Dark Mocha" has been teased and for many, this was the perfect chance to get a shoe that resembled the epic Travis Scott collab from 2019. It was a shoe that many felt was one of the best Jordan 1 colorways they had seen in years and it was believed that these would be fairly easy to cop.

Well, that turned out to be categorically false as the shoe hit store shelves this morning. While copping at the store probably wasn't too difficult, many opted to go with the Nike SNKRS App. This proved to be an exercise in futility, however, as the app handed out an astounding amount of Ls, as per usual.

Air Jordan 1

Image via Nike

If you are at all familiar with the Nike SNKRS App, then you understand just how frustrating it can be. The app selects people at random and even if you're quick on the trigger, there is no guarantee that you're actually going to get through and win yourself a pair of kicks. Every single time there is a big release, people get frustrated with the app but somehow, people still keep going back to it.

This weekend, the SNKRS App begun to trend on Twitter, as numerous sneaker buffs were understandably upset over their losses. One user even said, "The definition of insanity is thinking you got sum on SNKRS app y’all wild." Another claimed, "The game so messed up, somebody gotta be held accountable for SNKRS."

Needless to say, there was a lot of frustration this morning, and you can see what people had to say about it all, below.