Aitch Explains Difference Between US & UK Weed, Says Doritos Are "Sh*t" In America

Alex Zidel
January 21, 2022 14:42

Aitch takes us across the pond for the latest episode of "How To Roll."

Manchester-born rapper Aitch brought us across the pond for the most recent episode of How To Roll, explaining the differences between cannabis in the United States and the United Kingdom, complaining about Doritos in America, and much more.

As he crosses over into the American mainstream hip-hop scene, Aitch came through to chat about his favorite smoking experiences, the best strains, edibles overseas, and more. The episode kicks off with Aitch rolling up a spliff, as he prefers to call it, of Trufflez 41. He went on to explain that in the UK, nobody really cares whether they're smoking Indica or Sativa. In fact, he had only ever heard of the different types of cannabis when he made it to America.

Similarly, Aitch compared edibles in the UK and US, claiming that they're much stronger in America. He recalled his first edibles experience in Los Angeles, admitting that whatever he had taken was so strong that he couldn't physically lift his head up to watch television. 

As for where he's had the worst weed, Aitch says that whenever he's traveling, he can never seem to get his hands on decent product. However, in the US and UK, he never has a problem, despite cannabis still being illegal in his home country. 

And at the very end of the episode, he compared Doritos in the States and the UK, saying that Doritos over here are "sh*t" and that they have much better options back home.

Watch the new episode above and let us know who you'd like to see next on How To Roll.

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