Since the moment she learned that King Von had been murdered, Asian Doll has publicly grieved his loss. People have supported Asian Doll through this time, but Akademiks took to his Instagram Live to send a few verbal shots her way, alleging that Doll was partially to blame for Von's beef.

“Chicks will instigate a beef and then you get clapped, and then she calls herself Queen Von,” said Akademiks. "I just don't want that to happen to me." He went to mimic Asian Doll. "Show up at the funeral just collecting the clout," Akademiks added before accusing Asian Doll of faking her tears for sympathy as she promotes her social media pages.

He also laughed as he spoke about Asian Doll saying that she knew King Von's last words. "They make it up," said Ak. "You in the casket punching up, 'She lyin'! This ho lyin'!'... The manager lookin' at me like, 'Yo, King Von ain't even f*ck with her.'" There were also reports that Asian Doll made a comment that she was upset because she wasn't receiving the same support as Vanessa Bryant did after Kobe Bryant died. The rapper adamantly denied that she ever made the remarks, but Akademiks teased her about them, anyway.

He also took aim at her getting a tattoo of Von's portrait on her hand and repeatedly accused of her faking her grief and relationship with the late rapper in order to gain sympathy. Asian Doll hasn't directly addressed Akademiks or his accusations.