Everybody's been talking about the new Aladdin for the past few weeks, whether they've been terrified or excited for the final results. Either way, there's been a widespread curiosity about the outcome of the film. For many of us, the original Aladdin was a staple film for our childhoods and unfortunately, remakes don't always hit the mark. Either way, it's clear that the film will have theatres across the world packed.

Aladdin is on pace to earn $109M during its opening weekend, according to Variety. The 4,476 North American theaters that are showing the film this weekend in North America already earned $31M on its opening day. At this pace, it's expected to earn another $87M during the rest of the four-day weekend. If the projections hold true, Aladdin will have the sixth highest Memorial Day weekend debut of all time, following X-Men: Days Of Future Past which earned $110.5M in its opening weekend in 2014.

Aside from Aladdin, Disney continues to prove its a force to be messed with. Avengers is still doing numbers on the board with the film expected to do $22M within its fifth weekend. It's already shattered a ton of records but at this rate, it could be in the running for biggest movie of all time. Avatar currently holds the record with $2.78B and Avengers is not far behind with $2.65B.