Now that Your Old Droog has basically rid himself of the rumors that he is Nas, he's ready to unleash his debut album, which follows up an EP from earlier this year. The EP is where all the rumors and talking commenced, as the New York native rarely shows his face on these e-streets, and his cadence was remarkably similar to Nasir.

His full-length debut doesn't arrive until November 25th, but we've received an album stream today. While talking to Rolling Stone about the debut, Droog said, "No low-quality MP3 business here, everything this time is high quality on some 320 hi-def shit." 

When asked what we can expect from the new music, Droog replies, "'Me showing my versatility.' Is that the type of shit musicians say? People think they got me pegged, but they don't know how I really get down." 

The album will consist of 18 tracks total, 10 from the previously released self-titled EP, plus 8 new ones. Pre-order the self-titled album on iTunes. Listen to it below via NPR.