After a Q&A session, participants are left with a sense of hope, confusion and further inquiries. At least that's what happens when Alchemist hosts his comedic version of the concept via Twitter. The latest session has caused a bunch of mixed feelings, especially amongst Mac Miller fans. One social media asked the producer whether he had any Mac tracks "in the vault." He replied with a simple "yes." 

Of course, this led to his following asking for an immediate release of the material. Many also expressed that his statement better not be part of his "trolling," considering the celebrated rapper's passing. Alchemist did not respond to any more questions relating to Malcolm, unfortunately. Although the Russian Roulette's public persona is imbued with humor, the prospect is reasonable considering Mac's prolific musicality and knack for surprising fans with secret content.

The "Self Care" rapper had a vape account on Instagram that only a sliver of his following knew about. He is also said to have used a fake name to upload acoustic songs in the same vein as his "Lua" cover to Youtube so who knows what the entertainer may have have been working on before he departed.

Speaking of fake monikers, Alchemist said he used one for a joint project with Earl Sweatshirt available on Youtube. He encouraged one of his fans to go dig up the secret tape. Given their recent collaboration, a full-length offering would clearly be welcome.