People are beginning to worry about Alexis Skyy after she started dating Atlanta rapper Trouble. The two were in all the headlines after they played a major part in the controversial Cucumber Party, where Skyy was videotaped completing the Cucumber Challenge and using the vegetable to penetrate a porn star by the pool. The party earned Trouble and Alexis a lot of coverage and in the days following, a video surfaced online that showed the two lovebirds romantically interacting. Trouble could be seen caressing his girlfriend but fans noticed how tight and uncomfortable his grip was around Alexis Skyy's throat. At that point, comments started popping up about the potential of domestic abuse. Now, the model has debuted a brand new haircut and Trouble is all for it, telling the world that he loves girls with short hair. His response to the matter has people in their feelings again. 

Rich Fury/Getty Images

"Told ace how much I love confident women with short hair instead of them colors everyBody else Be doing an what she go do, cut her shit for papi," wrote the rapper after he uploaded a new photo of Alexis' cut. Because of the way he worded his message, people believed that he may be trying to change the woman to better match his ideal girl, which is something Trouble himself clapped back at.

"For the record, I didn’t make or tell my lady to do anything different with her style," he specified. "I expressed truthfully what I like over anything else conversing with each other as adults should who are in relationships. She took it upon herself to do what I like... I love it the same way as I would if she didn’t cut it and I appreciate her!.. If you don’t like it that’s your opinion. Good thing we don’t live our lives to meet the opinions of spectators. Hopefully yall will find someone as true and devoted as I am to her and as she is to me. Then, you’ll understand the feeling."

Do you think there's something fishy going on between Alexis Skyy and Trouble or are people overreacting?