Don't lie. You know EXACTLY who Alexis Texas is.

The adult film star has been relevant in the industry for the last decade and still, her name rings major bells across the nation. The model has been nominated at the AVN Awards multiple times for her "Most Epic Ass" but she had yet to appear on the ass-centric Instagram Live show Quarantine Radio. That all changed this week.

Despite being shut down by the higher-ups at Instagram, Tory Lanez was allowed out of jail early to head back on Live, granted he agrees to follow the community guidelines on nudity. The Toronto native had been banned from going live because of all the nudity in his streams and he kept a very watchful eye on everything that was going down during yesterday's session.

Alexis Texas Tory Lanez
Andrew Chin/Getty Images

Inviting girls from around the country to show off their twerking skills, Tory Lanez was surprised that Alexis Texas herself called in to submit her entry in the contest. 

Everybody went absolutely wild when the adult industry titan showed off her booty, shaking her cheeks for hundreds of thousands in attendance and truly highlighting another fun session on Tory's Live.

In addition to Alexis Texas, Tory Lanez also called some of his rapper friends, including Wiz Khalifa, to speak about how they were staying "corona-free." Thankfully, Wiz did not compete in the twerking competition.

Watch Alexis Texas go to work below.