Alice Marie Johnson was one of the first inmates to be granted clemency after Kim Kardashian visited with President Trump at the White House. The media mogul sat down with the president to discuss prison reform, specifically for inmates serving long sentences for non-violent, drug-related offenses. After serving 21 years in prison, Johnson was released in June 2018 and since that time, she's written and released a book titled After Life

In her book, Johnson shares the story of her journey and in a recent interview with The Domenick Nati Show, she details a few of her interactions with the Kardashian-Jenner family. Kim contributed to writing the foreward of After Life, but Johnson assures everyone that the reality television star isn't receiving any money from the book.

"It's my book," Johnson said. "When you read Kim Kardashian's foreward in my book, it will make you tear up. It is really heartwarming. She would not allow anyone to help her write it. She wrote it herself, so it's so special to me. Really, every time I think about was a very unpopular time to be stepping out and say I'm going to the White House. In Hollywood, it was a very unpopular time. Kim said that she would go anywhere. Anything to save a life."

Johnson praised Kim for not only being a savvy businesswoman but a wonderful mother. She also shared a moment she had with the Kardashian-Jenner family at one of their homes. "When I was sitting at the dinner table, they were asking me about being in prison," Johnson said. "I looked over to the side and Kris Jenner was crying. I think she started everyone boohooing at the table. I really think she was thinking about how that would have felt for her to be separated for so long from her family."

President Trump has faced many criticisms, but because he used his influence to help Johnson find new freedom, you won't hear the former inmate saying anything negative about America's leader. "I'm very much a person who appreciates President Trump because he gave me a second chance," Johnson stated. "By believing in me and signing my papers, he didn't have to do it. So, you will never hear my tongue wag anyway negative toward the president because I was serving what is called an unexecuted sentence of death and he...despite some of his advisors saying don't do it, he did it anyway. So you just imagine how you'd feel about the person who saved your life. Kim may have been a celebrity who took my case to the White House, but she also had to bring a good case before him."

Johnson also said that she doesn't have her voting rights restored so she isn't eligible to vote in the 2020 election. When asked if she would vote for Trump if she could, she said she would weigh her options and consider the platforms of each candidate before making a decision. Check out her full interview below.