Last month, Jacquees was asked to remove his remix of Ella Mai's "Trip" from SoundCloud. where it was seemingly outperforming the original. The anomaly in song performance forced Ella Mai's producer to file a cease and desist order against Jacquees, a decision that was fairly unpopular among fans, with the Cash Money gaining a fair bit of leverage along the way. Of course, the situation is far more nuanced than we'd like to believe. 

Jacquees is not doing anything illegal. He isn't seeking direct profit for any of his quemixes, including "Trip." But on the other hand, Jacquees is performing remixes where he retains the "skeleton" of the original record, and is, therefore "profiting" off the "song construction" of others in order to boost his brand. Make of it what you will.

Nonetheless, Jacquees and Ella Mai bumped into one another the other day and seemed to be nothing but cordial to one another. Jacquees even ceremoniously posted a video of the encounter, which seemingly took place at an outdoor festival. In the video, Ella and Jacquees appear to be making loose plans to kick it with one another, before the video cuts. The decision to drop the quemix from rotation may have been completely out of their hands.