Meek Mill's parole case with Judge Brinkley has been one of the most high profile cases in Hip-Hop with a plethora of celebrities and politicians coming to the defense of the artist. One of those people was Michael Rubin who is the co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers. Since Meek's return home from prison, the rapper has created the REFORM alliance with Rubin so that they can help fix the justice system which is often times broken thanks to corrupt people in power.

Rubin was recently in New York for an interview with HOT 97 and he spoke a bit about the aforementioned case. According to the 76ers co-owner, legendary basketball star Allen Iverson was one of the people who helped out with Meek's case. The rapper's representation was looking for families victimized by Judge Brinkley and asked for Iverson's help when one of the people revealed they were a big fan of the star.

Per Rubin around the 55:39 mark:

"We have this investigator that's working non-stop for us and we found a family that's been tortured by [Meek's] judge. I remember calling Allen and saying this guy's a big fan of yours I need you to call him for me... Because everyone's scared of the judge and here's a not well off family that's been tortured by this judge... and I called Allen and said like, 'I need you to get these people comfortable enough to talk to me.' Allen called them and spent 20 minutes on the phone with them because he wanted to help Meek and help the situation because he cared that much."

Rubin also talked about the Brooklyn Nets' recent signings and how fans actually gave up season tickets when he started to publically support Meek.