When Allen Iverson first entered the NBA, he was coming in at a time where Michael Jordan was dominating with the Chicago Bulls and was well on his way to winning a second three-peat. Despite this Iverson wasn't scared of Jordan and knew he could play some solid offense on him. In fact, there is a stat that Iverson was the only player to ever outscore Jordan in terms of average points, throughout their respective matchups. Jordan clearly recognized the talent in Iverson and when they first played each other, MJ made sure to have some harsh words.

In a recent clip from an old interview posted by Complex Sports, Iverson reveals the first five words MJ ever told him. As he explains, the GOAT said “What’s up you little b*tch?”

Jordan loved to intimidate opponents like that and most of the time, it worked quite well. However, when it comes to Iverson, it's clear that the 76ers legend knew exactly how to handle the spotlight.

Thanks to "The Last Dance," we have gotten a whole new perspective on MJ and the docuseries is making us excited for similar features in the future.

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