Some people may have woken up this morning happy that it's almost the weekend while others, such as Jeff Bezos, woke up happy because he became $7 billion more rich. 

The Amazon CEO has for the second time, become the richest man in the universe. The stock for the company opened up Friday morning with an 8% higher increase than Thursday’s close. This means that Jeff's full net-worth peeks at $90.6 billion. This puts him ahead of Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, who sits with a net-worth of $90.1 billion, according to Forbes.

The sudden increase in the stocks may have resulted from a number of reasons. As we reported earlier, Amazon was chosen by U.S. citizens as their favourite tech company over Apple. When a poll asked 1,520 users which company they would care about the most if it disappeared tomorrow (with options being Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google) Apple was the one voted as least cared about with Amazon being the number one pick.  

As for the number one company respondents would refer to their families and friends, Amazon came in second behind Google. 

Amazon has been one of the latest companies to introduce a very futuristic gadget - the Amazon Key. The new toy provides a way for all Amazon users to have their packages delivered to their home safely when they are out and about. By buying the required camera, those expecting a delivery from the online giant can be prompted to have their front door unlocked when a delivery has arrived, where the whole process will be recorded and sent to you. Of course, a code prompted lock must be installed for the whole thing to work. 

With the overall success of Amazon, maybe it's time to invest in some stocks.