While cashiers across the world collectively wipe sweat from brows, the innovators over at Amazon are likely raising their glasses in celebration. The company has officially brought its cashier-less Amazon Go convenience store to Brookfield Place in downtown New York City. This latest shop marks the twelfth Amazon Go store to open in the United States, and the first to really hit the East Coast in a major way. Should you be in the area, head over to the Brookfield Place later this week to check it out for yourself.

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

In another first-time occurrence, this particular Amazon Go shop will accept cash; the move is a likely response to backlash concerning discriminatory practices against the "unbanked," as per NBC. The practice will be enacted by an employee's mobile device, though the exact nature of the process has yet to be elaborated upon. Otherwise, transactions will be made by scanning the Amazon app. 

The shop itself will sell plenty of "grab-and-go" meal options, which will likely please the leagues of office employees in the surrounding area. How do you feel about the direction of the "cashier-free" experience? The future is now, as Non Phixion once said.