Amazon recently introduced a brand new feature that allows Amazon couriers to open your front door and put your package safely in your home. The new service is called Amazon Key and it works in sync with the company's Cloud Cam. When a delivery is at your front door, when you are not home, a barcode is scanned sending a request to your Cloud. Once access is permitted, the information gets relayed to the camera to start recording. 

The delivery person then gets a prompt on their app, swipes their screen, which then unlocks your front door. Do note this feature only works if you have a smart lock, a code-prompted lock on your door that has to be installed prior to installing this feature. Once the delivery is dropped, the customer gets a notification with a recorded video of the package being delivered successfully. 

If you think this idea Amazon has offered to their customers is wild, you are not the only one. Desus & Mero have dedicated a segment of their hit Viceland show to share their opinion on the high-tech feature. 

"Amazon has lost its damn mind," is the first thing Desus says in the clip. Together they watch a video that depicts how the whole front-door delivery works. The tutorial video says you can grant access to the "people you trust."

"Trust? I don't trust anyone, what is this. I'm a New Yorker like I figure everyone is going to kill me at some point in my life," Desus adds. Needless to say, the two comedy moguls are not a fan and will not be using the feature anytime soon.

If you like the commentary by the two guys, you'll be happy to know that they've joined up with ESPN to cover NBA coverage. In a statement, the broadcasting company said the duo will "create short videos featuring their commentary about on the biggest NBA storylines on and off the court — from blockbuster trades to evolving hairlines, notable hirings to questionable fashion choices, as well as their bold predictions for the upcoming year."