Amazon's upcoming Lord Of The Rings series is set to be a lavish affair, with reports already calling it the "most expensive television show ever produced." Though plot details remain sparse, Amazon did recently unveil an interactive Middle Earth map, which led to many fans speculating the basis of the series' dominant story arc. It should be mentioned that, prior to this release, it was heavily speculated that the show would follow young Aragorn, who was portrayed brilliantly by Oscar nominee Viggo Mortenson. 

Now, however, it would appear that a wrench has been tossed in that particular engine. A subsequent bit of sleuthing the newly updated map has shed new details on the possibilities. A few die-hard fans actually caught sight of a few specific landmarks, which were added in the map's latest makeover: Minas Arnor and Minas Ithil. As it happens, Minas Ithil was the ancient name of the Minas Morgul, an ominous landmark last seen in Return Of The King. Given that the city went by that name long before Aragorn was ever born - 900 years to be specific - it stands to reason that the series might be focusing on a piece of ancient history. Get Stephen Colbert on the phone.

Such a revelation has spawned further speculation that the series will focus on the Third Age, following the so-called "Last Alliance." In layman's terms, the band of men and elves who united to defeat Sauron. Either way, it's bound to be a beautiful bit of spectacle, and a reason to hold on to those Prime subscriptions ever longer.