For someone who doesn’t make music, Amber Rose sure knows how to stay relevant in the hip-hop industry. Making an appearance at L.A.’s Supper Club recently, Amber had some very choice words about her former boyfriend, Kanye West.

Apparently the club’s DJ kept playing Kanye's songs with Amber in attendance and she wasn’t feeling it. Grabbing the mic, Amber told DJ:

“Stop playing niggas I used to fuck, stop. Why don’t we play the nigga who writes the songs for the other nigga, Travis Scott!”

With Travis in the background, confusion sets in from both the host and Scott (who kept his back turned and paid no attention to the statement). And while there may be “some” truth to Travis writing Kanye’s raps as its a common thing in the industry, something tells me Amber’s looking for attention and just taking another jab at the Kardashian household.

Watch the clip below and let us know what you interpret from it.


Update: Amber Rose reacts to her own actions]