Amber Rose recently linked up with Peter Rosenberg for an intimate interview in her Los Angeles home. As we previously reported she revealed that she was the one who told Kanye West to put Nicki Minaj on his track "Monster" and after another look at the interview, we see that Amber takes credit for paving the way for strippers to become figures in the entertainment industry.

"Any woman especially that can come up the way that she did, and I did, and (Blac) Chyna," Amber said, "it's dope to see that. It's dope to see people embrace it. Because when I came out, they didn't embrace me very well."

She added: "[I'm] happy that I took the punches and I continued to flourish, so they really don't have to."

Later in the interview, Amber talks about her previous relationships and how her therapist thinks she attracts "narcissistic sociopaths." Peep the full chat below.