In the immortal words of Cupid Valentino better know to the masses as Andre Three Stacks, "Happy Valentine's Day." While you plot and scheme on future wooing tactics, perhaps consider taking a page out of the Amber Rose playbook. No, that does not mean rummaging through your significant other's laundry hamper, nostrils flaring. On the contrary. Amber's latest gesture toward boyfriend 21 Savage has roots in timeless romance. While not quite as painstaking a labor of love as the ancient art of mixtape craftmanship, a playlist is a bonafide act of sentimentality sure to land a few brownie points.

In honor of her cherished relationship, Amber Rose has spent her evening amassing some choice jams, all in the name of love. None of of 21 Savage's music made the cut, though his presence is there in spirit. The playlist has twenty-one songs, ranging from Turn Off the Lights” by Teddy Pendergrass, to R Kelly's "The Greatest Sex," to 112's "Crazy About You", to LL Cool J's "I Need You", to Frank Ocean's "Thinkin About You." Vibe-wise, it's more centered around intimacy and sensuality. You already know this is one for the end-of the night. 

Though their antics can be intense at times, it's never a bad thing to see a grounded relationship in the hip-hop world. Best wishes to the union of 21 Savage and Amber Rose, who will no doubt spend the night adventuring through a cavalcade of timeless RnB classics.