While some celebrity parents opt to keep their babies under wraps for a while before giving the world a chance to see them, Amber Rose has been incredibly generous with her newborn son, Slash Electric. Amber and her boyfriend, Alexander Edwards, welcomed their first child together in early October and we've been getting photo updates since

Today, we got a Week 6 update of Slash and it's already shocking how much he's grown from previous pictures that Amber shared. Amber posted two short videos of Slash just being adorable on Instagram. 

One might notice that six weeks also happens to mark the amount of time that doctors usually recommend for women to abstain from intercourse after giving birth. Amber was apparently given this same instruction because she shared a photo of A.E. with a caption that claimed he was "too damn fine" for her to follow doctor's orders. If Amber didn't decide to prematurely go for it back when she posted that caption, then she's free to do as she wishes now. 

In other news related to Amber's maternal life, her and Wiz Khalifa showed off their admirable co-parenting practices at their son, Bash's, baseball game recently