Blac Chyna has been making headlines a lot this week for the comments her own mother made about her. Calling her a "statutory rape baby" and a "mistake," Tokyo Toni went in on her daughter for keeping her grandchildren away from her. After being berated by her own mom, we're sure Chyna could use a laugh and her best friend, Amber Rose, was there to help her out. Of course, she did so at the expense of Chyna but it's still pretty funny.

The entrepreneur and former stripper showed off her new purple locks on Instagram, unsure of how to feel after spending so long with her iconic buzzcut. Unless she has a magical ability to grow a full head of hair overnight, Rose is wearing a wig but she was still a little perplexed, writing, "When you finally get some hair and don’t know how to act." Amber was in a joking mood though as she got creative to troll Blac Chyna, going after her questionable choice in teenage men. Of course, she and YBN Almighty Jay are an item but during their short-lived split, Chyna was also linked to 19-year-old boxer Devin Haney. Amber wrote:

"Super Villain Captain Save-A-Hoe, aka Leader of the H*e World, Was Out For TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION last night. She turned in her usual light bulb look, for Electric Lavender Locks. It’s been reported that she was breathing the earth’s air, and we all know what that means!!! 😳💦👅🍆 Sources close to The Captain informed us her sidekick @blacchyna aka “The Cash Goat” was nowhere in sight, as all male suitors were 19 and over."

While the post was meant to be about her new hairstyle, fans couldn't help but share a laugh with the entertainer after the bit about Chyna. Blac Chyna has reportedly been fuming about the comments her mother made, deciding whether or not to answer back.