Aminé sat down with GQ to dish about the 10 essential things he travels with while on tour. The 24-year-old, who is buzzing off the release of his OnePointFive project, has his priorities straight.

He starts by displaying the jewelry that makes him feel "more confident, including his grill and custom chains adorned with images of his parents as youngins'.

The artist also reveals how he stays fresh with an unlikely signature scent. Although many men might shy away from admitting it, Aminé is a proud wearer of women's perfume.

"This is my favorite perfume because I think men's cologne smells very strong and doesn't smell that good so I wear women's perfume [...] We're changing gender norms out here."

Skin care is also part of his grooming. The dude looks fresh by staying moisturized.

"This makes you look shiny and clean and not bummy. Anything that makes you look not bummy is always a plus. I can't walk out my house with my face lookin' dry cause nobody likes an ashy face."

The rapper jokes about having a whole youtube channel dedicated to his skincare routine. His skin does look good though, so it's doubtful anybody would get mad about that.

He also dishes about crowd surfing without his glasses and his favorite electronic gadgets. Peep his whole list of essentials below.