Aminé Plays In The Suds With Buxom Buds In "Reel It In"

Mitch Findlay
September 05, 2018 16:59

Aminé kicks off his ass-laden video with an apology to his mother.

With comedic chops and rhythm to boot, Aminé has come a long way in this game. Now, the young talent has gifted the rap-loving masses with one of their favorite things. Ass. Rest assured, "Reel It In" has so many asses moving simultaneously, it's likely that the earth's gravitational pull altered its course completely, steering ever closer to Uranus. While we await collision, enjoy Aminé's reinvention of a car wash. In truth, such low-budget entrepreneurial endeavors seldom feature scantily clad models. Perhaps such are the benefits of being a professional rapper.

Be sure to check out the clip now, although be warned. It is highly NSFW, as they say. Should your boss catch you watching this, there's no telling what manner of conclusion they may draw. Perhaps they will thank you for reminding them they need a car-wash. Are you willing to take that chance?

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