One of the most surprising features of the last year is Nelly's appearance on Portland newcomer Aminé's album cut "Yellow." Nelly hasn't been guesting on too many songs from brand new artists, so it felt like his appearance may have a story behind it. Sure enough, it does.

According to Aminé, the collaboration came together by chance, as Nelly happened to be recording in a neighboring studio while he was working on his debut project. The "Caroline" rapper couldn't resist talking to the seasoned hitmaker and proposing he jump on "Yellow," or in his words "fan-girl[ing]." Obviously, it all worked out.

Aminé has been sharing some stories about his new album Good For You on Twitter over the last two weeks. Some of the best tidbits include the fact that all of the Spice Girls had to give their approval for his song "Spice Girl," and that "Hero" was written in 20 minutes -- after which Girlpool added their guitar parts. Check out some of his tweets below.