While many of this year’s newly-announced XXL Freshman are out celebrating their accolade & success today, Amine is apparently low key disappointed. On Tuesday afternoon, the Portland rapper took to his Snapchat to voice his frustration with the magazine publication, apparently for not being informed of the “photo shoot” or whatever that means.

“XXL I am very happy, Im honored actually, but Im disappointed. Like, y’all wasn't finna tell me that we did a whole ass photo shoot. When, when did this happen?” Amine says before threatening to have his people call theirs. "So XXL I'ma have my people call your people."

It's unclear what exactly he's disappointed in still, but you can tell by his tone that he's pissed about something, but it can't really be that serious.

Check out his mini-rant (below) and let us know if you think it's serious.