The distant future is upon us. It won't be long before people can 3D print a significant other. While we wait for the reckoning, technology continues to be put to a variety of uses, some of which have caused raised eyebrows among the masses. One such avenue is the hologram, especially when used to depict the dead. We previously saw a Tupac hologram divide fans after a "performance" at Coachella; some appreciated another glimpse at the fallen icon, while others felt his legacy was better left untouched. In any case, it seems to have sparked a trend.

Recent footage of an XXXTentacion hologram has surfaced, depicting the rapper with a wide-spread set of angelic wings. Afterward, he proceeds to drop a speech, in which he says "no one can explain why you are alive." The whole experience is rather surreal to behold, and it's difficult to assess whether or not X would have wanted his likeness used in such a fashion. In any case, you can see the footage below. Where do you stand?