Paisano's, an Italian restaurant located in Albuquerque, New Mexico is catching some more heat today due to their new line of merchandise which reads, "Black Olives Matter" an obvious play on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Paisano's initially made headlines for using the same phrase on a sign outside of their restaurant but now they've really embraced the "no publicity is bad publicity" mantra by selling $20 "Black Olives Matter" shirts and hats. 

According to the New York Post, owner Rick Camuglia says he displayed the phrase on the restaurant’s main sign to sell a new recipe for a tuna dish with black olive tapenade. He posted pictures of the new dish, as well as the "Black Olives Matter" sign on his Facebook page and immediately began receiving complaints, though he maintains his only concern was selling food- not creating racial tension. 

Some people on facebook are "mad online" about the shirts, while others on twitter seem to be indifferent on the matter. Where do you stand?