Anderson .Paak took listeners on a visual journey to the beaches of Venice with his first project. Then, the raspy-voiced artist shifted the scene north to Malibu. It was that project that alerted the mainstream world to .Paak's solo strength, and gave the funky artist his first taste of the fame that would blossom from his talent. .Paak continues his northward journey with his latest album Oxnard. The town is an hour west of Los Angeles (on a good day), and is .Paak's hometown. The ode to his city has been crafted carefully, with the guidance of Dr. Dre steering .Paak towards his artist peak. At long last, Oxnard has arrived for consumption.

The album features J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Pusha-T, Q-Tip, BJ The Chicago Kid and more. .Paak reveals the struggles of dealing with his new found fame, but never drifts too far away from his wise and energetic musings. The Oxnard native blessed fans with the singles "Who R U?" and "Tints," but neither record is a good representation of the project. The disparity between those two singles works better as an example of what to expect from this eclectic piece of work. Stream Oxnard below.