Anderson .Paak's Oxnard arrived on November 16th, marking the multitalented rapper's Aftermath debut. Now, on the heels of announcing his "Andy's Beach Club World Tour," .Paak has made some time to hit up The Breakfast Club, for a notably Charlamagne-free conversation. In his absence, Envy and Yee hold down the fort, discussing Aftermath, working with Dr. Dre, getting his musical start in the church, and more. "I grew up playing behind the choir, playing behind organists, choir directors," says Paak, reflecting on his early days as a young drummer. "That was my whole foundation, playing in the church."

He proceeds to reflect on a sudden fear of damnation, that kicked into his mind around the age of thirteen. He deduced that he needed to "get saved," lest he condemn himself to an eternity in hell. "I threw away all my CDs," says .Paak, with a grin. "Snoop Dogg, everything. No I'm only listening to Church music now. I'ma go get saved. I got baptized." Yee laughs. "You threw away Snoop Dogg and ended up with Dr. Dre."

Eventually, they discuss Oxnard's success, with Yee remarking that the project was number one on the Indie charts. "Yeah man!" laughs .Paak, "I didn't even know we was indie." He did, however, do his research, and revealed that Aftermath is technically an independent label. "They're no longer distributed by Interscope," says .Paak. He also reveals that the Dr. Dre assisted "Mansa Musa" was originally the product of Dre's vault, and .Paak had to essentially pry it from his cold, hard, fingertips.

Overall, it's an interesting and insightful conversation; watch in full below.