Anderson .Paak was among the most vocal supporters of Mac Miller, in the wake of his passing. He delivered a touching tribute at the BET Awards, in which he purported that Mac's legacy would never die. He followed that up with a touching portrait of the two rappers shooting the breeze, with a caption expressing .Paak's regret over missed opportunities. Amidst the bombardment of Mac Miller recollections, Anderson is essentially the first and only artist compelled to re-record 2018 material, in order to include his name, thus confirming his feelings as genuine.

The 12th track of Oxnard (debuting Today) is where Anderson was inspired to pay homage to his verbiage, with the lines: “Wishin' I still had Mac wit' me. How do you tell a n***a slow it down when you livin' just as fast as 'em?”

Mac Miller and Anderson .Paak's only collaborate constitutes an appearance on the late rapper's Divine Feminine project, on a song called "Dang." The Oxnard rapper is confident Mac Miller's exponential growth as artists would eventually amount to something "culturally important," a sentiment shared by many who shared his company in studio sessions.  

Anderson .Paak will be holding a fundraiser concert for the Wildfire relief efforts, this Saturday in his hometown of Oxnard, California. 

RIP Mac Miller.