Anderson . Paak was once basketball phenom, at least in his own estimation. In a recent TBT post on Instagram, Anderson .Paak shared a photo of his younger self, gripping a Spalding basketball. If you zero-in closely, the Spalding pictured is the duo-grip indoor-outdoor variant, so you know Anderson .Paak was balling all year round, full stop.

Do you even recognize the younger Paak?

Physiologists often state that jawline holds its shape well into adulthood, Paak's TBT is but one example. While he may have shed the Baby Phat, the cheeky smile is still his to bear. As he states in the caption, it was his mother's intervention that forced him away from the clay courts. Anderson, an obedient child, stuck his nose in his school books, leaving the game he loved behind at once.

Paak says that he still receives pangs to the stomach at the thought of missing out on a pro basketball career. He doesn't specify "NBA" but you know as well as I do, he grew up a Lakers' fan. The latest star addition to the purple and gold was more than happy to return the favor with a dancing rendition of "Tints."