Andrew Luck has been the heart and soul of the Indianapolis Colts ever since Peyton Manning left the team to join the Denver Broncos. Luck has proven himself to be a talented quarterback although he has had his fair share of injuries over his career. Heading into training camp, fans new Luck had a slight injury that was keeping him from practice. At first, it was believed that it was simply a calf injury, but in a recent interview, team owner Jim Irsay explained how it's a bit worse than that.

"I think after the (Kevin) Durant things (that) everyone's erring on the side of caution, but quite frankly this is not even in the Achilles tendon," Irsay said. "It's in another area. It's a bone. You know I'm not good at these things. ... It's a small little bone. I know everyone's had their questions about Andrew and that sort of thing, but I really feel very confident that he's going to find his way through this thing." 

Tim Warner/Getty Images

So far, there is no timetable for Luck's return which could mean trouble as the season quickly approaches. The Colts are going to be fighting hard for a playoff spot and without Luck, they could struggle to string together wins in what will be a competitive AFC South division.

Stay tuned for updates on Luck's injury as we will be sure to bring them to you.