When Andy Ruiz Jr. got in the ring against Anthony Joshua on Saturday, no one thought he would be able to win. Joshua held four belts at the time and was one of the most feared men in the heavyweight division, only second to Deontay Wilder. Well, Joshua was turned into a fraud as Ruiz Jr knocked him down numerous times, eventually securing the win in the seventh round. As a 25-1 underdog, Ruiz's win proved to be one of the biggest upsets in boxing history and people are still shocked at what they witnessed.

Just yesterday, Joshua triggered the rematch clause in his contract which means the two will be fighting again in either November or December. This means a potential match between Ruiz and Wilder will be put on hold. If Ruiz were to lose to Joshua, there is a chance that the Brit could finally fight Wilder.

TMZ caught up with Ruiz and asked him about his goals, where he said he is gunning for a fight against Wilder but he realizes he has to prove himself before he can get in the ring with the Bronze Bomber.

"But, first things first," Ruiz said. "I gotta get Joshua."

If Joshua learns from his mistakes the second time around, he will most likely be favored in the fight as Ruiz is still considered to be a weaker fighter, despite winning Joshua's belts.