We imagine that Yo Gotti is far from the first rapper to be attracted to Angela Simmons, daughter of Rev Run, but late last year, he admitted his crush to the world on his smash hit "Down in the DM." The Memphis don won't be pleased to see this news, as Simmons showed off a suspicious protrusion on her belly yesterday, and the caption she wrote on Instagram confirmed that a child is currently growing inside of her. Shucks. 

"We are overjoyed and super excited to receive a blessing this big," wrote the 28-year-old model and businesswoman. "Starting a family was something that I could have only dreamed of."

It was initially unclear as to who else Simmons meant to include with the use of the "we" pronoun, as she has been impressively private about her love life. Upon further digging, though, it turns out that Simmons actually became engaged last month; we now know why. Simmons hasn't revealed the identity of her fiancé, but Bossip reports that the lucky man is a 35-year-old Atlanta native named Sutton Tennyson. In doing a background check, the gossip site also reported on his criminal history. Cheers to the family-to-be! 

Whose DMs should Gotti slide into next?