Though over the past few years, hacktivist group Anonymous' presence was surprisingly unfelt in comparison to prior years, they've re-emerged to take a stand. The recent protests taking place across the world to fight back against systemic oppression and police brutality led Anonymous to make a statement after the death of George Floyd. They took over the Minneapolis PD website and shut down the city's website.

Apparently, Buffalo PD didn't get the memo when the decided to shove an elderly protester to the ground and allowed him to bleed without providing any sort of assistance. Given the reason for the protests, it shouldn't be all that surprising but Anonymous took their own stand against the matter. The hacktivist group have shut down the Buffalo, NY government website is response to the elderly man getting knocked down.

"The Buffalo state website and system has been taken #Offline. Pushing a 75 years old peaceful protester is criminal. It's your systems that got pushed down now," a tweet from Anonymous wrote along with a screenshot of the website being shut down.

Mugshots of the two officers, Robert McCabe and Aaron Torgalski, surfaced earlier today after they turned themselves in and were charged with second-degree assault. They were still met with support from their colleagues after their release, though that might be enough evidence to address the corruption within the Buffalo PD police department.